Work Study Application

Student Earn While They Learn

For every hour student work they recive a credit for the next show they want to particapate in.

Faculty Mentor

Students will be paired with a faculty memember who willl teach and guide them through the process.

Student Led

Students will decided what they want to study and work with the paired faculty to create a succuse path.

Work-Study Application Guidelines

  • Complete the online form as completely as possible and click submit.
  • All information is confidential.
  • Applications can only be submitted online with current references.
  • Deadline for submission is 30 days before the registered program.
  • The PAA staff and Artistic teams determine all awards.
  • Each applicant will be notified of the qualifying financial aid award, usually within 2­4 weeks following the date submitted.

Work-Study Selection Procedure and Guidelines

  • The PAA Work-Study Committee, comprised of members of PAA staff and the involved Artistic team, meet to review all applications before the start of the registered program.
  • Various factors are taken into account to determine the amount of the Work­-Study award, such as income and student motivation, based on the applicant’s written statement and/or personal interviews.
  • Work-Study Awards are available up to 50 percent of total tuition.
  • Upon agreement, the applicant enters into a contract with PAA as to specific duties/tasks for the Work-Study program.
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