Learn. Perform. Grow

Learn. Perform. Grow

Learn. Perform. Grow

Learn. Perform. Grow



What we teach and how we teach it is a critical component of our work at PAA. With everyone at PAA focused on education and helping students to learn something new or grow in a learned skill set, we regularly see students achieve new levels of performance.


Taking your skills to new heights, using the practical application of performance which allows every student the opportunity to succeed with confidence on stage.


Take your learning to a new level. Become a better version of you at PAA.
  • 2016 – Best Summer Camp
  • 2015 – Best children’s Theatre
  • 2013 – Best summer Camp and children’s theatre
  • 2015 – Best theatre Group
  • 2014 – Best theatre Group
  • 2013 – Best theatre Group

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We are offering a Spring show and a wide variety of classes for you to chose from.

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We have summer programs for all ages and interests. These programs are two weeks long and span the months of June and July.

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We are offering a two fall shows and a wide variety of classes for you to chose from.

Registration begins June 1.

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Adult Tap Classes

Field Elementary: Lion King

Master Class

Mathenee Treco
Hamilton Cast Member: Hercules Mulligan & James Madison

What people are saying about us

Eli loved Acting Workshop! In fact, the next morning – a Saturday morning – he said, “I wish I had Acting Workshop today.” He loves you all! Mary


Most places I’ve gone, I haven’t made friends but this one I did and I kept those friends. Student

I am the Education & Community Engagement Coordinator at Central City Opera, and I was in charge of organizing the interactive family activities for our production of Amahl and the Night Visitors. This included an origami art making activity, and handing out light-up star pendants to the children in the audiences after each performance. I had the pleasure of working with the Performing Arts Academy students who were in the opera. I really needed some extra hands to help me, and these hard-working, professional, fun, respectful, and talented kids helped me facilitate these activities without any hesitation. It was so fun to meet them, have them help me, and then watch them perform! I was thoroughly impressed by every single kid. As we say in the opera world, “Bravi, tutti!” And thank you! Emily Murdock

Education and Community Engagement Coordinator, Central City Opera

Even though he was upset with me that I had signed him up at the beginning.  Your crew pulled him in with  “embrace your weirdness”.  I don’t know what would have worked in a website to make him want to go before he went and experienced it.  I would say that the performance you had on Friday was probably your best marketing.  The impromptu stuff was engaging to everyone including the audience and so fun.  It made a 48 year old woman with never a desire to perform want to get involved.  If he would have been sitting in the audience, that might have picked his interest in going.  He can’t wait till the next opportunity to do this again.  He said sign me up for whatever they have.  I am so grateful to you and everyone involved for getting my uninspired teenager inspired again! Cindy


The Performing Arts Academy summer theater camp was the perfect choice for my tween daughter.  She made some great friends, improved her acting and singing skills, and the PAA instructors were fantastic.  I can’t believe they pulled off the amazing production of Fame in just 2 weeks!  I’m not at all surprised that it’s the Denver A List 2013 Runner Up for Best Theatre Group, and the Macaroni Kid 2013 Family Choice Winner (Best Drama/Theater Class and Best Children’s Theater). Nicki


PAA is Hannah’s favorite part of summer.Her participation over the past three years has really helped to improve her self confidence and motivate her in school.  She looks forward to doing other productions, in addition to PAA, and she enjoys working with all the participants and directors. She was transformed by the experience and her confidence has blossomed. Barry Curtis


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